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It's about time I got around to completing this list of questions Mr Razgriz tagged me with. I've never done one of these before so apologies if the responses are little short or weak B)

1) If you had one song to represent you, which song would it be?
Hmm, would have to be something from the 80s, I'll roll with my DQC characters theme (there is a playlist but I'm not gonna be putting it up here for a while :p)… I picked it for laughs considering my characters track record.

2) What movie or TV show would you want to live in?
Big Trouble In Little China. A world where magic is real and truckers are gods among men.

3) What was your most epic memory?
Ehhhm, I guess the time I went full rambo at a lazerzone was pretty epic in an action way.

4) What do you hate above all else?
Criminals, from the minor and rising in hate towards the extreme.

5) What is your weapon of choice?
Bionic arm for sure, preferably one with tonnes of gadgets but would settle for the punching power alone.

6) What are you afraid of?
Xenomorphs for sure, I watched Aliens when I was far too young and it has caused me no end of nightmares till this day. Still one of my favorite films though :p

7) Rain or Sunshine?
Rain has its place, love me some rainy neon lit nights but I'm probably more of a sun lover.

8) Who are/were your role models? Yes, they can be fictional.
The regular grunts in the imperial guard, those guys have to put up with a lot of heavy shit and I respect that.

9) Outer Space, or the Ocean Depths?
The ocean has its limits, space adventures all the way.

10) Is there any article of clothing you are never seen without?
As much as I would love to say sunglasses, not every day is a sunny one. I do keep a pendant of saint christopher around my neck though, I've always enjoyed good luck charms and such.

11) Favorite drink?
Jeeeeez, anyone that knows me will tell you how tough a question that is for me to answer. At this very moment, spiced black rum.

12) Would you prefer a peaceful world, or a chaotic one?
Peaceful, keep all the chaos in fiction.

13) Favorite quote?
Nanomachines Son!!!

14) What's your alignment? (Chaotic good, lawful neutral, etc.)
Likely lawful neutral. However I do love playing the chaotic characters when it comes to rpgs.

15) Say the apocalypse came tomorrow.  What would you prefer the post-apocalyptic world be like: Waterworld, Mad Max, Fallout, or The Walking Dead?
Mad Max all the way! Who doesn't want to end up in a drugged up, viking like car gang?
  • Listening to: The DQC Playlist
  • Reading: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Watching: One Punch Man
  • Playing: Pathfinder on the olde Roll20
  • Eating: A Jacket Potato with some beans and cheese
  • Drinking: Rum


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